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BGF means: Blue Ghost Flames

Blue Ghost Flames

Eb-a means: Evans blue-albumin complex

Evans blue-albumin complex

BMC means: Blue Mountain Council

Blue Mountain Council

BCC means: Blue Chip Company

Blue Chip Company

BRFS means: Blue Ridge Fiber Solutions

Blue Ridge Fiber Solutions

BMSKC means: Blue Mountain Safe Kids Coalition

Blue Mountain Safe Kids Coalition

GBH means: Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

BPO means: Blue Planet Orchestra

Blue Planet Orchestra

MBF means: Marine Blue Fade

Marine Blue Fade

SWBH means: Star Wars Blue Harvest

Star Wars Blue Harvest

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in blue?

Meaning of blue by its letters

blue acronym or abbreviation means:

B: Meaning of B in blue. B The head seems like the belly of a pregnant woman rounded and double this beautiful effect settle to the bottom. This underlines the flexibility of its fixed strip consolidated on the left axis. This bar seems subdued and weakened by the cumbersome two towers, the soul carrier.

L: Meaning of L in blue. Hard on the ground, this letter is the basis of closely related ideas on the earth. Its vertical axis sends information of the Spirit (above). All work firmly anchored as a transceiver with the ground. This design shows physical stability of a quiet force that can win against all challenges.

U: Meaning of U in blue. As a container that opens upwards, the U is leaving a big hole in the sky for thinking and intuition. It is full of material energy from its base to its top. Its base is round and therefore shows instability on its classification as a moving letter.

E: Meaning of E in blue. There is no finesse or rounded corners. This letter provides several clear instructions and promotes change in all directions. The dominance of horizontal lines, the background color of the earth, the upper part is a synonym of thinking and the middle line is the physical body. The whole is supported by a straight line, which directs its energy on its three horizontal legs as a rake. These three antennas are used to support the receptors in the communication.

What does blue mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation blue. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the blue acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of blue

blue has a life path of 4. blue means: The entire life Journey 4 shows that you inserted this planes with an all natural genius for planning, mending, building, and in some way, with request and cerebral brilliance, making things work. You are one of the very most trustworthy, useful, and down-to-earth of people; the cornerstone customers of population. Indeed, as a complete life Journey 4, you are a contractor of society. The cream of the crop in this full life Way can be considered a get good at contractor in modern culture. if you are among these talented people highly, you provide an idealistic nature which is grounded in practical terms, letting you conceive grandiose, far-reaching schemes and carry them to the end. In the event that you desire and are prepared to work for this, you can perform enormous success, prestige, and fame. Naturally, everyone with a 4 Life Way will not become famous. All with this Life Avenue be capable of take orders also to hold them out with devotion and determination and many 4s live and work gladly in this framework. But frequently, the 4 Life Journey is the businessperson and director locally. In either role, you demand just as much from yourself as you do from others always, and far more sometimes. You have the sort of will power that is often mistaken for sheer stubbornness. You do not think of yourself as dogged, however your honest beliefs and this ever direct speech enables you to run into as completely unremitting. Once a decision is manufactured, it will be adopted to the realization, right, incorrect, or indifferent. You are incredibly occur your ways and identified to take care of things how you are so sure that they must be handled. Your tenacity of goal and capacity to complete the job edges on obsession. You are a wonderful manager with a great sense of getting the working job done. You are a fantastic organizer and planner because of your innate potential to see things in an exceedingly good sense and functional way. This is due to a strong need to be a perfectionist in your labor. Planning is essential to avoid problems. It is rather likely a 4 Life Course person developed the to-do list, since it is the uncommon Life Journey 4 who does not have one by her aspect all the time. Your daily life is programed within an orderly fashion permitting you to definitely catalog and take care of the stream of ideas and activities that fill up your entire day. Indeed, you seem to be to operate best if you are under the firearm and facing a hardcore group of problems. Devoted and loyal, you make the best of your matrimony, and you will be the good supplier always. Friends might be few in number, but you are incredibly near them as soon as friendships are created, they often times last an eternity. The quantity 4 is solidly from the component of globe that it profits its durability and utter sense of certainty. You are one of the very most reliable people you understand. If persistence and persistence can ever before gain, you're sure to attain great success in life. Often, you are called to manage others; to complete what they have began. It might not exactly appear reasonable and probably isn't, but it could be the key to your reputation and accomplishment. The negative part of the 4 can show dogmatic to a surplus, narrow-minded, and repressive. A whole lot of skin-deep people flip you off, and you do not have the tact to keep your thoughts from being totally clear to all or any around. Also, the negative 4 has an undesirable propensity to get swept up in the day to day routine of affairs, absent the picture as a whole and major opportunities which come along occasionally.


More meanings / definitions of blue or words, sentences containing blue?

Flax (n.): A plant of the genus Linum, esp. the L. usitatissimum, which has a single, slender stalk, about a foot and a half high, with blue flowers. The fiber of the bark is used for making thread and cloth, called linen, cambric, lawn, lace, etc. Linseed oil is expressed from the seed.

Moory (n.): A kind of blue cloth made in India.

Bluebottle (n.): A large and troublesome species of blowfly (Musca vomitoria). Its body is steel blue.

Sky-blue (a.): Having the blue color of the sky; azure; as, a sky-blue stone.

Indican (n.): An indigo-forming substance, found in urine, and other animal fluids, and convertible into red and blue indigo (urrhodin and uroglaucin). Chemically, it is indoxyl sulphate of potash, C8H6NSO4K, and is derived from the indol formed in the alimentary canal. Called also uroxanthin.

Bluebell (n.): A plant of the genus Campanula, especially the Campanula rotundifolia, which bears blue bell-shaped flowers; the harebell.

Tricolor (n.): The national French banner, of three colors, blue, white, and red, adopted at the first revolution.

Bluecap (n.): The blue bonnet or blue titmouse.

Girasole Girasol (n.): A variety of opal which is usually milk white, bluish white, or sky blue; but in a bright light it reflects a reddish color.

Blue (superl.): Severe or over strict in morals; gloom; as, blue and sour religionists; suiting one who is over strict in morals; inculcating an impracticable, severe, or gloomy mortality; as, blue laws.

Spiderwort (n.): An American endogenous plant (Tradescantia Virginica), with long linear leaves and ephemeral blue flowers. The name is sometimes extended to other species of the same genus.

Day lily (): A genus of plants (Funkia) differing from the last in having ovate veiny leaves, and large white or blue flowers.

Heliopora (n.): An East Indian stony coral now known to belong to the Alcyonaria; -- called also blue coral.

Indirubin (n.): A substance isomeric with, and resembling, indigo blue, and accompanying it as a side product, in its artificial production.

Chalcanthite (n.): Native blue vitriol. See Blue vitriol, under Blue.

Sevres blue (): A very light blue.

Linarite (n.): A hydrous sulphate of lead and copper occurring in bright blue monoclinic crystals.

Tomtit (n.): A titmouse, esp. the blue titmouse.

Woad (n.): An herbaceous cruciferous plant (Isatis tinctoria). It was formerly cultivated for the blue coloring matter derived from its leaves.

Sapphire (n.): The color of the gem; bright blue.

Blue-eye (n.): The blue-cheeked honeysucker of Australia.

Concord (n.): A variety of American grape, with large dark blue (almost black) grapes in compact clusters.

Pers (n.): A cloth of sky-blue color.

Blue grass (): A species of grass (Poa compressa) with bluish green stems, valuable in thin gravelly soils; wire grass.

Bluing (n.): The act of rendering blue; as, the bluing of steel.

Glaucus (n.): A genus of nudibranchiate mollusks, found in the warmer latitudes, swimming in the open sea. These mollusks are beautifully colored with blue and silvery white.

Prussic (a.): designating the acid now called hydrocyanic acid, but formerly called prussic acid, because Prussian blue is derived from it or its compounds. See Hydrocyanic.

Violet (n.): In art, a color produced by a combination of red and blue in equal proportions; a bluish purple color.

Vair (n.): The skin of the squirrel, much used in the fourteenth century as fur for garments, and frequently mentioned by writers of that period in describing the costly dresses of kings, nobles, and prelates. It is represented in heraldry by a series of small shields placed close together, and alternately white and blue.

Alkali (n.): One of a class of caustic bases, such as soda, potash, ammonia, and lithia, whose distinguishing peculiarities are solubility in alcohol and water, uniting with oils and fats to form soap, neutralizing and forming salts with acids, turning to brown several vegetable yellows, and changing reddened litmus to blue.

Meaning of FRENCH BLUE

FRENCH BLUE means: French blue is British slang for the amphetamine drinamyl.

Meaning of BLUE VEIN

BLUE VEIN means: Blue vein is British slang for an erect penis.

Meaning of blue bullets

blue bullets means: Depressants

Meaning of BEADLE

BEADLE means: Beadle is docker slang for a dock policeman.Beadle was old slang for someone wearing a long blue overcoat.

Meaning of ducktail

ducktail means: A man's long hair style with the sides combed to the back of the head, then parted with a downward stroke of the comb. He is a cool cat with a ducktail, pegged pants, an blue suede shoes.

Meaning of blue arsed fly

blue arsed fly means: being very busy ‘He’s going like a blue arsed fly.’

Meaning of heavenly blue

heavenly blue means: LSD

Meaning of BLUE SAGE

BLUE SAGE means: marijuana

Meaning of Yobbo

Yobbo means: Male person who is usually dressed in blue singlet, pair of stubbies, thongs (if not barefoot) and spends most of his time drinking, fishing, being loud- and foulmouthed, watching the footy and usually drives an old ute or V8 panel van too fast with swag in the back and beercans on the floor.

Meaning of BLUE DEVIL

BLUE DEVIL means: barbiturates





Meaning of blue madman

blue madman means: PCP

Meaning of Devil to Pay

Devil to Pay means: Devil and the deep blue sea: In traditional wooden ships, the sailors had to caulk or pay the seams with hot tar between the planks of the deck to prevent leakage into the bilge. The devil seam was topmost on the hull next to the scuppers at the edge of the deck and the longest and most difficult seam to caulk. Hence, if there was the "devil to pay," then this was the most difficult and dangerous job since the sailor might be knocked down by a large wave and find himself between the "devil and the deep blue sea."

Meaning of BLUE BIRDS

BLUE BIRDS means: Blue Birds is slang for Phenobarbital.

Meaning of Blue-bottle

Blue-bottle means: Bromo Seltzer

Meaning of Black and blue

Black and blue means: Extremely rare meat.

Meaning of blue-blood

blue-blood means: Rich, upper class. What's wrong, Meg? You look a little blue.

Meaning of CUT−OFFS

CUT−OFFS means: Cut−offs is slang for short trousers made by cutting the legs off blue jeans.

Meaning of blue bag

blue bag means: Heroin

Meaning of Bluebird

Bluebird means: A small song bird (Sialia sialis), very common in the United States, and, in the north, one of the earliest to arrive in spring. The male is blue, with the breast reddish. It is related to the European robin.

Meaning of Glaucous

Glaucous means: Covered with a fine bloom or fine white powder easily rubbed off, as that on a blue plum, or on a cabbage leaf.

Meaning of Sulphindigotic

Sulphindigotic means: Of, pertaining to, or designating, a sulphonic acid obtained, as a blue solution, by dissolving indigo in sulphuric acid; -- formerly called also cerulic sulphuric acid, but properly called indigo-disulphonic acid.

Meaning of Matrix

Matrix means: The five simple colors, black, white, blue, red, and yellow, of which all the rest are composed.

Meaning of Azure

Azure means: The clear blue color of the sky; also, a pigment or dye of this color.

Meaning of Bluebell

Bluebell means: A plant of the genus Campanula, especially the Campanula rotundifolia, which bears blue bell-shaped flowers; the harebell.

Meaning of Heliopora

Heliopora means: An East Indian stony coral now known to belong to the Alcyonaria; -- called also blue coral.

Meaning of Blue

Blue means: Having the color of the clear sky, or a hue resembling it, whether lighter or darker; as, the deep, blue sea; as blue as a sapphire; blue violets.

Meaning of Alkali

Alkali means: One of a class of caustic bases, such as soda, potash, ammonia, and lithia, whose distinguishing peculiarities are solubility in alcohol and water, uniting with oils and fats to form soap, neutralizing and forming salts with acids, turning to brown several vegetable yellows, and changing reddened litmus to blue.

Meaning of Dangleberry

Dangleberry means: A dark blue, edible berry with a white bloom, and its shrub (Gaylussacia frondosa) closely allied to the common huckleberry. The bush is also called blue tangle, and is found from New England to Kentucky, and southward.

Meaning of Oxeye

Oxeye means: A titmouse, especially the great titmouse (Parus major) and the blue titmouse (P. coeruleus).

Meaning of Stick-seed

Stick-seed means: A plant (Echinospermum Lappula) of the Borage family, with small blue flowers and prickly nutlets.

Meaning of Blue

Blue means: A pedantic woman; a bluestocking.

Meaning of Heckimal

Heckimal means: The European blue titmouse (Parus coeruleus).

Meaning of Russet

Russet means: Of a reddish brown color, or (by some called) a red gray; of the color composed of blue, red, and yellow in equal strength, but unequal proportions, namely, two parts of red to one each of blue and yellow; also, of a yellowish brown color.

Name Meaning of blue

Meaning of Sunil

Is Sunil a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sunil?

Sunil is Boy/Male and origin is Bengali, Buddhist, Celebrity, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Jain, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sikh, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Traditional

Sunil means: Blue; Sapphire; Dark Blue; Red Lotus; Pomegranate Tree; Wind; Beautiful Sky; Krishna with Blue Colour; Lord Vishnu

Meaning of Neelam

Is Neelam a female or a male name and what is the origin of Neelam?

Neelam is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic, Assamese, Celebrity, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Muslim, Sikh, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Traditional

Neelam means: Blue Diamond; Sapphire; Blue Gem; Precious Stone; Blue Colour

Meaning of CYAN

Is CYAN a female or a male name and what is the origin of CYAN?

CYAN is Female and origin is English

CYAN means: English name derived from the vocabulary word, from Greek kyanos, CYAN means "dark blue" and "lapis lazuli." The color cyan is also sometimes called blue-green, electric blue, and turquoise. 

Meaning of Blewett

Is Blewett a female or a male name and what is the origin of Blewett?

Blewett is Surname or Lastname and origin is English

Blewett means: English : from Middle English bluet ‘blue woolen cloth’ or bleuet ‘cornflower’, perhaps applied as a nickname for a habitual wearer of blue clothes or for someone with blue eyes. Both terms are from Old French bleuet, a diminutive of bleu ‘blue’, a word of Germanic origin (see Blau).

Meaning of Sapphire

Is Sapphire a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sapphire?

Sapphire is Girl/Female and origin is American, Arabic, Australian, Christian, Greek, Hawaiian, Hebrew, Jamaican

Sapphire means: Blue Gemstone; Blue Jewel; A Blue Precious Gem; Sapphire

Meaning of Sunila | ஸுநீலா

Is Sunila | ஸுநீலா a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sunila | ஸுநீலா?

Sunila | ஸுநீலா is Girl/Female and origin is Tamil

Sunila | ஸுநீலா means: Suneela is a common Hindu female, Deep, Dark blue color , Extending all over as the blue Sky

Meaning of Sunila

Is Sunila a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sunila?

Sunila is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu

Sunila means: Suneela is a common Hindu female, Deep, Dark blue color , Extending all over as the blue Sky

Meaning of Suneela

Is Suneela a female or a male name and what is the origin of Suneela?

Suneela is Girl/Female and origin is Hindu, Indian, Telugu

Suneela means: Deep; Dark Blue Colour; Extending All over as the Blue Sky

Meaning of Suneel

Is Suneel a female or a male name and what is the origin of Suneel?

Suneel is Boy/Male and origin is Celebrity, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Marathi, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Telugu, Traditional

Suneel means: Dark Blue; Sapphire; Blue Stone

Meaning of Nilam

Is Nilam a female or a male name and what is the origin of Nilam?

Nilam is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Oriya, Tamil

Nilam means: Blue Sapphire; Blue Gem; Precious Stone

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