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GDR means: Graph Drawing

Graph Drawing

SDS means: Shuttle Drawing System

Shuttle Drawing System

DCN means: Drawing Change Notice

Drawing Change Notice

DP means: Drawing Package

Drawing Package

PD means: Procurement Drawing

Procurement Drawing

DRM means: Drawing Requirements Manual

Drawing Requirements Manual

AVDP means: Audio Visual Drawing Program

Audio Visual Drawing Program

DSD means: Drawing Set Description

Drawing Set Description

DXB means: Drawing Exchange Binary (files)

Drawing Exchange Binary (files)

Sid means: Selected Item Drawing

Selected Item Drawing

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in drawing?

Meaning of drawing by its letters

drawing acronym or abbreviation means:

D: Meaning of D in drawing. Similar to the B-form, D does not have a second bulge. It looks like a big round belly, as if to let the colors of bounce music. The letters vertical axis serves as the backbone suggesting that it does not move quickly under the weight it can bear.

R: Meaning of R in drawing. This reminds us of the letter P, but with an extra leg, which seems to take a step forward. See how a soldier blows his chest to show his ambition. It shows the flexibility of a mighty soldier making a pose for the camera. Its shape is filled with complex, diverse and sometimes contradictory information.

A: Meaning of A in drawing. The letter A looks like a ridged mountain projecting into the sky for greatness. His position is as strong as the Great Wall of China. You have a solid base that is protective and soothing. The horizontal line supports central strength. You can think of it as a powerful energy capacitor of this letter willing to take flight as a rocket.

W: Meaning of W in drawing. These are two twin Vs merged together at the center! Its shape captures twice the energy of heaven (spirit) and drives the heaven to earth and vice versa, without making very sharp changes or rounding. It then extends to bring all to itself. The base shows an intense life on the physical plane. It is a form that transmits changes to achieve the satisfaction of the senses.

I: Meaning of I in drawing. Single vertical line served as number 1 on the top left two poles above (heaven and earth) with a high internal pressure. The current is very direct and passes open without hesitation. It's to keep you alert and ready to act from his first note.

N: Meaning of N in drawing. Roundness not only show lines broken with very narrow angle to multiple directions. We move quickly from the spiritual to the physical from the central bar, which starts from the top down. We can then think of a sudden dynamic and tense situation to the uncontrollable mood. She exudes a kind of obviously false peace.

G: Meaning of G in drawing. The shape is similar to C, it enjoys the discussions, but also keeps detailed information about their hook on the end of the bottom folding part of G. This letter also shows commitment and a well organized life. The output is higher as it mainly adopts the words (spirit). The hook in the middle of its height corresponds to the affective-emotional state that is limited to this level.

What does drawing mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation drawing. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the drawing acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of drawing

drawing has a life path of 4. drawing means: The entire life Journey 4 shows that you inserted this planes with an all natural genius for planning, mending, building, and in some way, with request and cerebral brilliance, making things work. You are one of the very most trustworthy, useful, and down-to-earth of people; the cornerstone customers of population. Indeed, as a complete life Journey 4, you are a contractor of society. The cream of the crop in this full life Way can be considered a get good at contractor in modern culture. if you are among these talented people highly, you provide an idealistic nature which is grounded in practical terms, letting you conceive grandiose, far-reaching schemes and carry them to the end. In the event that you desire and are prepared to work for this, you can perform enormous success, prestige, and fame. Naturally, everyone with a 4 Life Way will not become famous. All with this Life Avenue be capable of take orders also to hold them out with devotion and determination and many 4s live and work gladly in this framework. But frequently, the 4 Life Journey is the businessperson and director locally. In either role, you demand just as much from yourself as you do from others always, and far more sometimes. You have the sort of will power that is often mistaken for sheer stubbornness. You do not think of yourself as dogged, however your honest beliefs and this ever direct speech enables you to run into as completely unremitting. Once a decision is manufactured, it will be adopted to the realization, right, incorrect, or indifferent. You are incredibly occur your ways and identified to take care of things how you are so sure that they must be handled. Your tenacity of goal and capacity to complete the job edges on obsession. You are a wonderful manager with a great sense of getting the working job done. You are a fantastic organizer and planner because of your innate potential to see things in an exceedingly good sense and functional way. This is due to a strong need to be a perfectionist in your labor. Planning is essential to avoid problems. It is rather likely a 4 Life Course person developed the to-do list, since it is the uncommon Life Journey 4 who does not have one by her aspect all the time. Your daily life is programed within an orderly fashion permitting you to definitely catalog and take care of the stream of ideas and activities that fill up your entire day. Indeed, you seem to be to operate best if you are under the firearm and facing a hardcore group of problems. Devoted and loyal, you make the best of your matrimony, and you will be the good supplier always. Friends might be few in number, but you are incredibly near them as soon as friendships are created, they often times last an eternity. The quantity 4 is solidly from the component of globe that it profits its durability and utter sense of certainty. You are one of the very most reliable people you understand. If persistence and persistence can ever before gain, you're sure to attain great success in life. Often, you are called to manage others; to complete what they have began. It might not exactly appear reasonable and probably isn't, but it could be the key to your reputation and accomplishment. The negative part of the 4 can show dogmatic to a surplus, narrow-minded, and repressive. A whole lot of skin-deep people flip you off, and you do not have the tact to keep your thoughts from being totally clear to all or any around. Also, the negative 4 has an undesirable propensity to get swept up in the day to day routine of affairs, absent the picture as a whole and major opportunities which come along occasionally.


More meanings / definitions of drawing or words, sentences containing drawing?

Tractor (n.): That which draws, or is used for drawing.

Bibliomancy (n.): A kind of divination, performed by selecting passages of Scripture at hazard, and drawing from them indications concerning future events.

Plank (v. t.): To splice together the ends of slivers of wool, for subsequent drawing.

Argumentation (n.): The act of forming reasons, making inductions, drawing conclusions, and applying them to the case in discussion; the operation of inferring propositions, not known or admitted as true, from facts or principles known, admitted, or proved to be true.

Describe (v. t.): To represent by drawing; to draw a plan of; to delineate; to trace or mark out; as, to describe a circle by the compasses; a torch waved about the head in such a way as to describe a circle.

Drawshave (n.): See Drawing knife.

Monochrome (n.): A painting or drawing in a single color; a picture made with a single color.

Loo (n.): A modification of the game of "all fours" in which the players replenish their hands after each round by drawing each a card from the pack.

Figure (n.): A diagram or drawing; made to represent a magnitude or the relation of two or more magnitudes; a surface or space inclosed on all sides; -- called superficial when inclosed by lines, and solid when inclosed by surface; any arrangement made up of points, lines, angles, surfaces, etc.

Perspective (a.): A drawing in linear perspective.

Abacus (n.): A table or tray strewn with sand, anciently used for drawing, calculating, etc.

Conclusion (n.): Drawing of inferences.

Monography (n.): Representation by lines without color; an outline drawing.

Hemstitch (v. t.): To ornament at the head of a broad hem by drawing out a few parallel threads, and fastening the cross threads in successive small clusters; as, to hemstitch a handkerchief.

Couching (n.): Embroidering by laying the materials upon the surface of the foundation, instead of drawing them through.

Autography (n.): A process in lithography by which a writing or drawing is transferred from paper to stone.

Suck (n.): The act of drawing with the mouth.

Troll (v. i.): To fish with a rod whose line runs on a reel; also, to fish by drawing the hook through the water.

Inductive (a.): Leading or drawing; persuasive; tempting; -- usually followed by to.

Jinny road (): An inclined road in a coal mine, on which loaded cars descend by gravity, drawing up empty ones.

Abduction (n.): The act of abducing or abducting; a drawing apart; a carrying away.

Revulsion (n.): A strong pulling or drawing back; withdrawal.

Gradation (n.): A gradual passing from one tint to another or from a darker to a lighter shade, as in painting or drawing.

Cross (v. t.): To cancel by marking crosses on or over, or drawing a line across; to erase; -- usually with out, off, or over; as, to cross out a name.

Take-up (n.): That which takes up or tightens; specifically, a device in a sewing machine for drawing up the slack thread as the needle rises, in completing a stitch.

Traction (n.): Attraction; a drawing toward.

Leech (n.): A glass tube of peculiar construction, adapted for drawing blood from a scarified part by means of a vacuum.

Skilled (a.): Having familiar knowledge united with readiness and dexterity in its application; familiarly acquainted with; expert; skillful; -- often followed by in; as, a person skilled in drawing or geometry.

Antiquarian (n.): A drawing paper of large size. See under Paper, n.

Drain (n.): The act of draining, or of drawing off; gradual and continuous outflow or withdrawal; as, the drain of specie from a country.

Meaning of steg (2)

steg (2) means: (ed: entered verbatim - can't improve on this) Browsing through your dictionary I saw "Stig" which reminded me of the word "Steg" which is probably a Merseyside variant. Could be elongated to Stegasaurus for comedic and strengthened effect, drawing more attention to the old-fashioned and un-with-it nature of the individual in question. Other words that were common currency in our north wirral school were Begsy (same as "Meff") , and "Biscuit". Biscuit referred not to the apocryphal public school boy jape, but to those pupils in the remedial class. Sometimes shortened to "Bikkies", they were so-called as one girl once remarked that they collectively smelt like the inside of a biscuit tin. I think it was custard creams actually.

Meaning of Section

Section means: A drawing representing the internal parts of a vessel as if she had been cut straight through, either longitudinally or athwartships. It shows the positions of the frames and their exact curvature in relation to the hull shape.

Meaning of forefeits

forefeits means: what young barbars paid for drawing blood

Meaning of Hoist

Hoist means: To draw up any body by the assistance of one or more tackles. Pulling by means of a single block is never termed HOISTING, except only the drawing of the sails upwards along the masts or stays.

Meaning of drawing-pin

drawing-pin means: n thumb-tack. A pin with a fairly large flat head. So called because they were once used to draw blood during satanic rituals. I just guessed that one, it might be wrong.

Meaning of HOT KNIVES

HOT KNIVES means: Hot knives is slang for a method of smoking cannabis without the aid of tobacco. Burning the cannabis between two hot knives and drawing the smoke into a recepticle before inhaling.

Meaning of bogart

bogart means: This means to use or take too much of something. For some reason, only heard its use in reference to smoking pot, as in "Hey man, don't Bogart that joint.". (ed: any idea how this came about? One suggestion (from Neil) is "from the song "Don't bogart that joint my friend " by the Holy Modal Rounders?" - but I think it's a lot older than that!) A contributor who wishes to remain anonymous... writes "The phrase "Don't Bogart that joint" has to do with the way Humphrey Bogart held a cigarette; i.e., between his thumb and forefinger, cupped in the palm of his hand. I'm told it's a wartime habit, so as to hide the glowing cigarette in order to avoid drawing sniper fire." "By extension, if someone holds a joint in this fashion, he/she is usually accused of trying to hide it from others in order to avoid having to share - although he/she may be, in fact, simply trying to shield it from the wind." (ed: yeah - right) On a theme, another idea is that the term relates to the way he was seen to be smoking a cigarette, as a solitory sort of habit - unlike pot smoking where the joint is passed around - therefore the term 'don't bogart that joint' means don't keep it to yourself! Similarly someone else referred us back to the line from the song "Don't Bogart that joint, my friend, pass it over to me...". and says "If you've ever seen him in a movie, he always has a cig going, but takes infrequent hits. To bogart a joint then, is not to take too much, or more than your share, but to waste it by holding it while talking or whatever, and letting it burn to no one's benefit. Hope this clears that up." Likewise, we also have a suggestion it's so called because Bogart never smoked - he just held Cigarettes, hence Bogarting a Joint is to hold it and talk at length whilst not actually smoking it. (ed: so there ya go!) ... but then someone else said... "This means to use or take too much of something. For some reason, I only heard its use in reference to smoking pot, as in "Hey man, don't Bogart that joint. " and now Carroll says re "Don't Bogart that joint" means don't flick it away with your fingers as Bogart did his cigs in the movies. Meaning it still has a drag or two left. (ed: so we've pretty much sorted that out then?)

Meaning of Hands off

Hands off means: Sailors were armed to the teeth for battle, but they were not allowed to carry arms at other times. The one exception to this rule was the sailor's knife - a tool essential to all seamen. Drawing of a knife in anger was prohibited by admiralty law, and should a sailor do so, he risked forfeiting a hand. Thus, the expression, "Hands off".

Meaning of Draw

Draw means: (1) A sail is said to be drawing when it is full of wind. (2) Said of a vessel to indicate her draft. e.g., she draws 10 feet.

Meaning of CAMP RADIO

CAMP RADIO means: John delivers a lively, cutting-edge, sometimes silly soliloquy. He can shift from class to crass in the blink of a lie. Drawing on his experience of living in virtually every "gay-hood" on the Coast, he puts a decidedly lavender and delightfully laughable spin on every aspect of life in the 90’s…from grocery shopping to romance. Phone # 1-888-669-7234

Meaning of Full and By

Full and By means: Sailing as close to the wind as possible with all sails full and drawing.

Meaning of Mr. Natural

Mr. Natural means: I would like to see a drawing of a little fat charactor from the sixties. His name was Mr. Natural. He had something to do with truckers such as Keep on Trucking and also I think he was pictured on rolling papers. He was short, fat with a beard, long gown like garment and was in mid step with one huge foot up forward. Hope you can find him for me, sure would appriciate it. Thanks a bushel! Helen Fuller

Meaning of Towing

Towing means: The operation of drawing a vessel forward by means of long lines.

Meaning of Bearing Drawing Right/Left

Bearing Drawing Right/Left means: The movement, left or right, of the bearing to an object in motion relative to your platform. If the object's bearing is moving to the left or right then the object will likely pass either forward or aft of your ship. See Closing on a Steady Bearing.

Meaning of Keep Her Full

Keep Her Full means: To keep the sails full and drawing

Meaning of RETAINER

RETAINER means: Small valve located near brake wheel for drawing off and holding air on cars. (Retainers often figure prominently in true tales and fiction stories about runaway cars on trains)

Meaning of Fothering

Fothering means: Closing small leaks in a vessel's underwater body by drawing a sail, filled with oakum, underneath her.

Meaning of art pamphlets

art pamphlets means: Magazines used to aid "drawing skills". Normally full of naked women who's pubic hair had been 'skillfully' air brushed away in order not to offend but often used as cover for material of a pornographic nature. (ed: what was the name of that naturist magazine people used as a wank mag in the 1950's?? Health and Efficiency maybe?)

Meaning of Pung

Pung means: A rude sort of sleigh, or oblong box made of boards and placed on runners, used for drawing loads on snow by horses.

Meaning of Keelhauling

Keelhauling means: the action of drawing under the keel; the fact of being keelhauled; also Keelhaul n., an act of keelhauling

Meaning of Chesstree

Chesstree means: A piece of oak bolted perpendicularly on the side of a vessel, to aid in drawing down and securing the clew of the mainsail.

Meaning of Glyphography

Glyphography means: A process similar to etching, in which, by means of voltaic electricity, a raised copy of a drawing is made, so that it can be used to print from.

Meaning of Scumble

Scumble means: To cover lighty, as a painting, or a drawing, with a thin wash of opaque color, or with color-crayon dust rubbed on with the stump, or to make any similar additions to the work, so as to produce a softened effect.

Meaning of Drag

Drag means: To draw slowly or heavily onward; to pull along the ground by main force; to haul; to trail; -- applied to drawing heavy or resisting bodies or those inapt for drawing, with labor, along the ground or other surface; as, to drag stone or timber; to drag a net in fishing.

Meaning of Attraction

Attraction means: The power or act of alluring, drawing to, inviting, or engaging; an attractive quality; as, the attraction of beauty or eloquence.

Meaning of Traction

Traction means: Attraction; a drawing toward.

Meaning of Trace

Trace means: To mark out; to draw or delineate with marks; especially, to copy, as a drawing or engraving, by following the lines and marking them on a sheet superimposed, through which they appear; as, to trace a figure or an outline; a traced drawing.

Meaning of Bow-pen

Bow-pen means: Bow-compasses carrying a drawing pen. See Bow-compass.

Meaning of Figure

Figure means: A diagram or drawing; made to represent a magnitude or the relation of two or more magnitudes; a surface or space inclosed on all sides; -- called superficial when inclosed by lines, and solid when inclosed by surface; any arrangement made up of points, lines, angles, surfaces, etc.

Meaning of Draught

Draught means: The act of drawing liquor into the mouth and throat; the act of drinking.

Meaning of Valinch

Valinch means: A tube for drawing liquors from a cask by the bunghole.

Meaning of Shell

Shell means: An instrument of music, as a lyre, -- the first lyre having been made, it is said, by drawing strings over a tortoise shell.

Meaning of Print

Print means: A photographic copy, or positive picture, on prepared paper, as from a negative, or from a drawing on transparent paper.

Meaning of Helicograph

Helicograph means: An instrument for drawing spiral lines on a plane.

Meaning of Inductive

Inductive means: Leading or drawing; persuasive; tempting; -- usually followed by to.

Name Meaning of drawing

Meaning of Goshen

Is Goshen a female or a male name and what is the origin of Goshen?

Goshen is and origin is Biblical

Goshen means: approaching; drawing near

Meaning of Dalis

Is Dalis a female or a male name and what is the origin of Dalis?

Dalis is Girl/Female and origin is African, Australian, Hebrew

Dalis means: Drawing Water

Meaning of Dalit

Is Dalit a female or a male name and what is the origin of Dalit?

Dalit is Girl/Female and origin is Australian, Hebrew

Dalit means: Drawing Water

Meaning of Ankan

Is Ankan a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ankan?

Ankan is Boy/Male and origin is Hindu, Indian

Ankan means: Drawing; Marking

Meaning of Goshen

Is Goshen a female or a male name and what is the origin of Goshen?

Goshen is Girl/Female and origin is Biblical

Goshen means: Approaching, drawing near.

Meaning of Ittesum-Sultana

Is Ittesum-Sultana a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ittesum-Sultana?

Ittesum-Sultana is Girl/Female and origin is Arabic

Ittesum-Sultana means: Drawing

Meaning of Ovia

Is Ovia a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ovia?

Ovia is Girl/Female and origin is Assamese, Bengali, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Latin, Tamil

Ovia means: Drawing; Painting

Meaning of Hazezon-tamar

Is Hazezon-tamar a female or a male name and what is the origin of Hazezon-tamar?

Hazezon-tamar is Girl/Female and origin is Biblical

Hazezon-tamar means: Drawing near to bitterness.

Meaning of Kumiko

Is Kumiko a female or a male name and what is the origin of Kumiko?

Kumiko is Girl/Female and origin is Japanese

Kumiko means: Companion child; drawing together.

Meaning of Ovya

Is Ovya a female or a male name and what is the origin of Ovya?

Ovya is Girl/Female and origin is Indian, Tamil

Ovya means: Artist; Beautiful Drawing

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