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DBE means: Design-Basis Event

Design-Basis Event

EH means: Event Horizon

Event Horizon

AER means: : adverse event report

: adverse event report

YRE means: : Year Round Event

: Year Round Event

CEL means: : Animation (Autodesk Animator - 3D Studio), CIMFast Event Language file, Lumena CEL 15/32bit Bitmap graphics file

: Animation (Autodesk Animator - 3D Studio), CIMFast Event Language file, Lumena CEL 15/32bit Bitmap graphics file

TEAM means: Turf Tours Event and Activity Management

Turf Tours Event and Activity Management

CESR means: Control Event Select Register

Control Event Select Register

MYE means: Manage Your Event

Manage Your Event

BAPTISME means: Business Application and Tools for SMEs to copewith the Euro event

Business Application and Tools for SMEs to copewith the Euro event

ES means: : Enterprise Solution, Encryption Scheme, Errored Second, Errored Second, Energy Saving mode, Error Sources, Exit to Shell, Extra Segment, Event Sequence

: Enterprise Solution, Encryption Scheme, Errored Second, Errored Second, Energy Saving mode, Error Sources, Exit to Shell, Extra Segment, Event Sequence

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in event?

Meaning of event by its letters

event acronym or abbreviation means:

E: Meaning of E in event. There is no finesse or rounded corners. This letter provides several clear instructions and promotes change in all directions. The dominance of horizontal lines, the background color of the earth, the upper part is a synonym of thinking and the middle line is the physical body. The whole is supported by a straight line, which directs its energy on its three horizontal legs as a rake. These three antennas are used to support the receptors in the communication.

V: Meaning of V in event. Similar to U, V captures energy from above (heaven, thoughts). This energy is the strongest vibration levels because of its two rigid antennas without rounding at the bottom. It stands on a tiny base to project strenght and energy, although its tiny bottom looks like it rests on vulnerable evergy making it unstable. It reduces the ground vibrations and provides power to the sky (thinking). This letter shows the way to victory with its psychic powers.

N: Meaning of N in event. Roundness not only show lines broken with very narrow angle to multiple directions. We move quickly from the spiritual to the physical from the central bar, which starts from the top down. We can then think of a sudden dynamic and tense situation to the uncontrollable mood. She exudes a kind of obviously false peace.

T: Meaning of T in event. The letter looks like a pole with a horizontal bar restiing on its top. It looks like a TV antenna ready to receive and transmit a high and wide information. It sends that information along its vertical axis from the earth for global transmission at the top. He seems to know everything on the universal principles that the past and the future hold. It contributes to internal transformations.

What does event mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation event. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the event acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of event

event has a life path of 3. event means: The Life Path 3 reveals that you joined this plane with a solid sense of imagination and with wonderful communication skills. Accomplishment for you almost certainly comes through interesting your clever appearance. A truly gifted 3 possesses the most exceptional ground breaking skills, in the verbal realm normally, writing, speaking, acting, or similar endeavors. Here we have been likely to find the entertainers of the global world, bright, effervescent, dazzling people who have very optimistic behaviour. The bright part of this way stresses harmony, pleasures and beauty; of sharing your inventive talents with the globe. Acquiring your ability in creative self-expression is the best degree of attainment because of this full life journey. Life is resided to the fullest, about tomorrow often without much be anxious. You aren't very proficient at handling money due to a general insufficient concern about any of it. You may spend it when you yourself have it and do not when you do not. The 3 enjoys hooking up with people. The characteristics of the 3 are friendliness and warmness, a good conversationalist, open and social. An excellent talker both from the standpoint to be a delight to hear, but more importantly even, one who has the capacity to pay attention to others. Accordingly, the life span course 3 produces those who are always a pleasant addition to any cultural situation and learn how to make others feel at home. The lifestyle is commonly positive exceedingly. Your disposition is nearly surely sunny and openhearted. A happy and frequently inspired person, you are seeking and requiring the stimuli of similar people constantly. There's a remote area to your 3 Life Way, as well. This comes as a delight to the local and those who think they can be well acquainted. The 3 is truly a very hypersensitive heart. When hurt, you can retreat to a shell of morose silence for extended periods easily. Nonetheless, the 3 eventually copes challenging many setbacks that occur in life and readily bounces back for additional. It really is usually easy that you can package with problems because you can easily admit the presence of problems without permitting them to get you down for too much time. Due to your own level of sensitivity to harmed, you have a caring disposition and seem to be to be very aware of other people's thoughts and emotions. In romance, the 3 is an extremely devoted and ardent enthusiast. Affairs that don't go well can leave scares that seem to be to linger. Psychological encounters of most sorts have a tendency to deeply touch the 3 and the dilemma may take a while that can be played out. Regrettably, the providing disposition of the 3 often allures requiring companions. As with almost all of life's issues for the 3 Life Path, balance in relationships is illusive. Your big test with a 3 Life Way is handling your highs and lows. You will not survive perfectly in virtually any routine environment or if you are put under dominating management. Slow-moving thinking and extremely contemplative people have a tendency to frustrate you, and you do not function too well with this kind whether you will work for, with, or under them. Your exuberant mother nature may take you far, particularly if you are ever before in a position to target your abilities and energies. For the few living on the negative aspect of the full life Avenue, a 3 may be so happy with the happiness of living that the entire life becomes frivolous and superficial. You may scatter your talents and express little sense of purpose. The 3 is definitely an enigma, for no noticeable reason you may become moody and have a tendency to retreat. Escapist tendencies aren't uncommon with the 3 life path, so you find it very difficult to stay into one place or one position. Protect from being critical of others, impatient, intolerant, or optimistic overly.


More meanings / definitions of event or words, sentences containing event?

Rare (superl.): Not frequent; seldom met with or occurring; unusual; as, a rare event.

Afterwise (a.): Wise after the event; wise or knowing, when it is too late.

Shock (n.): A sudden agitation of the mind or feelings; a sensation of pleasure or pain caused by something unexpected or overpowering; also, a sudden agitating or overpowering event.

Precedency (n.): The act or state of preceding or going before in order of time; priority; as, one event has precedence of another.

Necessity (n.): That which makes an act or an event unavoidable; irresistible force; overruling power; compulsion, physical or moral; fate; fatality.

Fact (n.): An effect produced or achieved; anything done or that comes to pass; an act; an event; a circumstance.

Commemoration (n.): The act of commemorating; an observance or celebration designed to honor the memory of some person or event.

Oddness (n.): Singularity; strangeness; eccentricity; irregularity; uncouthness; as, the oddness of dress or shape; the oddness of an event.

Abrupt (a.): Without notice to prepare the mind for the event; sudden; hasty; unceremonious.

Insure (v. t.): Specifically, to secure against a loss by a contingent event, on certain stipulated conditions, or at a given rate or premium; to give or to take an insurance on or for; as, a merchant insures his ship or its cargo, or both, against the dangers of the sea; goods and buildings are insured against fire or water; persons are insured against sickness, accident, or death; and sometimes hazardous debts are insured.

Antecedent (a.): Going before in time; prior; anterior; preceding; as, an event antecedent to the Deluge; an antecedent cause.

Significant (a.): Deserving to be considered; important; momentous; as, a significant event.

Postdate (v. t.): To affix a date to after the event.

Fortune (n.): That which comes as the result of an undertaking or of a course of action; good or ill success; especially, favorable issue; happy event; success; prosperity as reached partly by chance and partly by effort.

Will (adv.): As an auxiliary, will is used to denote futurity dependent on the verb. Thus, in first person, "I will" denotes willingness, consent, promise; and when "will" is emphasized, it denotes determination or fixed purpose; as, I will go if you wish; I will go at all hazards. In the second and third persons, the idea of distinct volition, wish, or purpose is evanescent, and simple certainty is appropriately expressed; as, "You will go," or "He will go," describes a future event as a fact only. To emphasize will denotes (according to the tone or context) certain futurity or fixed determination.

Circumstance (n.): That which attends, or relates to, or in some way affects, a fact or event; an attendant thing or state of things.

Anniversary (n.): The day on which Mass is said yearly for the soul of a deceased person; the commemoration of some sacred event, as the dedication of a church or the consecration of a pope.

Prospective (n.): Being within view or consideration, as a future event or contingency; relating to the future: expected; as, a prospective benefit.

Casus (n.): An event; an occurrence; an occasion; a combination of circumstances; a case; an act of God. See the Note under Accident.

Prolepsis (n.): An error in chronology, consisting in an event being dated before the actual time.

Insurance (n.): The act of insuring, or assuring, against loss or damage by a contingent event; a contract whereby, for a stipulated consideration, called premium, one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by certain specified risks. Cf. Assurance, n., 6.

Surprise (n.): The state of being surprised, or taken unawares, by some act or event which could not reasonably be foreseen; emotion excited by what is sudden and strange; a suddenly excited feeling of wonder or astonishment.

Catastrophe (n.): The final event in a romance or a dramatic piece; a denouement, as a death in a tragedy, or a marriage in a comedy.

Mystery (n.): A dramatic representation of a Scriptural subject, often some event in the life of Christ; a dramatic composition of this character; as, the Chester Mysteries, consisting of dramas acted by various craft associations in that city in the early part of the 14th century.

Medium (n.): A substance through which an effect is transmitted from one thing to another; as, air is the common medium of sound. Hence: The condition upon which any event or action occurs; necessary means of motion or action; that through or by which anything is accomplished, conveyed, or carried on; specifically, in animal magnetism, spiritualism, etc., a person through whom the action of another being is said to be manifested and transmitted.

Melancholy (a.): Producing great evil and grief; causing dejection; calamitous; afflictive; as, a melancholy event.

Oracle (n.): The answer of a god, or some person reputed to be a god, to an inquiry respecting some affair or future event, as the success of an enterprise or battle.

Unlooked-for (a.): Not looked for; unexpected; as, an unlooked-for event.

Schema (n.): An outline or image universally applicable to a general conception, under which it is likely to be presented to the mind; as, five dots in a line are a schema of the number five; a preceding and succeeding event are a schema of cause and effect.

Fortune (n.): That which befalls or is to befall one; lot in life, or event in any particular undertaking; fate; destiny; as, to tell one's fortune.

Meaning of That Was 'the Joint'.

That Was 'the Joint'. means: An event or activity that is outstanding, e.g. a movie, a party or even a song.

Meaning of flop

flop means: n. A flop is when a planned event doesn't end up happening. A flopper is someone who often cancels last minute. 

Meaning of Take a Rain Check

Take a Rain Check means: Used to politely decline an event with someone, but indicates that they will join them another time. Example: "Hey, do you want to go have a beer?" "No, I better take a rain check."

Meaning of In the blue

In the blue means: A situation or event that is out of control

Meaning of wetting the baby’s head

wetting the baby’s head means: n an evening in the pub celebrating the birth of a new baby. The event generally involves only the father and his mates, whilst the wife sits at home in a state of exhaustion surrounded by fresh nappies: Are you coming out on Friday? We’re wetting the baby’s head down at the Four Coachmen.

Meaning of fuddle

fuddle means: Noun. 1. A confused state, a muddle. 2. An intoxicated state. E.g."He was in a fuddle so we stopped him driving home and made him sleep at ours." 3. An informal event or party, often based around a food, such as a buffet or picnic. [East Midlands/Yorkshire use]

Meaning of THAT'S TORN IT

THAT'S TORN IT means: That's torn it is British slang expressing that an unexpected event or circumstance has upset one's plans.

Meaning of après coup

après coup means: after the event; after the fact

Meaning of Damaged goods

Damaged goods means: Someone who has an unresolved conflict of emotions after a traumatic event, and is no longer deemed to be fit for purpose.

Meaning of One off

One off means: A one off is a special or a one time event that is never to be repeated. Like writing this book!

Meaning of rahom

rahom means: Not good, unpleasant event. Typically used as "oh Rahom" if something has displeased you, typically used with a roll of the hand in the "wanker" position turned through 90 degrees.

Meaning of bring-down

bring-down means: Disappointment, a saddening event. The news of the crash was a major bring-down.

Meaning of Real

Real means: Cool, hip, with it. Also, "It's been real", said either genuinely or sarcastically at the end of an event or a rendezvous. "It's been real, see you on the flip side."

Meaning of Face

Face means: a synonym for "Moded" in you just got humiliated or someone won an argument or event you say to the loser, "Moded!!" or "you just got faced!"....or just "Face!" (I grew up in Orange County, California in the 80's ...specifically Irvine and it seemed pretty widely used)

Meaning of happening

happening means: An event. That is a hanging new sweater Brenda bought her sister.

Meaning of Event Sound Rental In Miami

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Meaning of on the real

on the real means: n. A term used to refer to the seriousness of an event or statement; similar to the phrase "Real Talk."  "Yo Son, on the real, if the kid keep talking all that smack I'm a have to cap him." 

Meaning of Freak-out

Freak-out means: an event at which the participants do psychedelic drugs and "freak out."

Meaning of shit hits the fan (when the ...)

shit hits the fan (when the ...) means: The moment when an unpleasant outcome can be ascertained by the occurrence of an event; as in "The shit hit the fan when the police arrived and caught us red handed!".

Meaning of Coin Ceremony

Coin Ceremony means: An event which takes place in the early stages of a warship's construction at the keel laying. The shipbuilders place one or two coins under the keelblock of the new ship to bless the ship and as a symbol of good fortune. The coins are not normally fixed in place and are often retrieved when the ship sails out of the dry-dock.

Meaning of Fatality

Fatality means: That which is decreed by fate or which is fatal; a fatal event.

Meaning of Show

Show means: To make apparent or clear, as by evidence, testimony, or reasoning; to prove; to explain; also, to manifest; to evince; as, to show the truth of a statement; to show the causes of an event.

Meaning of Presumption

Presumption means: Ground for presuming; evidence probable, but not conclusive; strong probability; reasonable supposition; as, the presumption is that an event has taken place.

Meaning of To

To means: In a very general way, and with innumerable varieties of application, to connects transitive verbs with their remoter or indirect object, and adjectives, nouns, and neuter or passive verbs with a following noun which limits their action. Its sphere verges upon that of for, but it contains less the idea of design or appropriation; as, these remarks were addressed to a large audience; let us keep this seat to ourselves; a substance sweet to the taste; an event painful to the mind; duty to God and to our parents; a dislike to spirituous liquor.

Meaning of Adventure

Adventure means: A remarkable occurrence; a striking event; a stirring incident; as, the adventures of one's life.

Meaning of Eve

Eve means: The evening before a holiday, -- from the Jewish mode of reckoning the day as beginning at sunset. not at midnight; as, Christians eve is the evening before Christmas; also, the period immediately preceding some important event.

Meaning of Event

Event means: That which comes, arrives, or happens; that which falls out; any incident, good or bad.

Meaning of Dubious

Dubious means: Of uncertain event or issue; as, in dubious battle.

Meaning of Conspiracy

Conspiracy means: A concurence or general tendency, as of circumstances, to one event, as if by agreement.

Meaning of Anachorism

Anachorism means: An error in regard to the place of an event or a thing; a referring something to a wrong place.

Meaning of Era

Era means: A period of time reckoned from some particular date or epoch; a succession of years dating from some important event; as, the era of Alexander; the era of Christ, or the Christian era (see under Christian).

Meaning of Felicity

Felicity means: That which promotes happiness; a successful or gratifying event; prosperity; blessing.

Meaning of Salute

Salute means: A token of respect or honor for some distinguished or official personage, for a foreign vessel or flag, or for some festival or event, as by presenting arms, by a discharge of cannon, volleys of small arms, dipping the colors or the topsails, etc.

Meaning of Mystery

Mystery means: A dramatic representation of a Scriptural subject, often some event in the life of Christ; a dramatic composition of this character; as, the Chester Mysteries, consisting of dramas acted by various craft associations in that city in the early part of the 14th century.

Meaning of Occasion

Occasion means: An occurrence or condition of affairs which brings with it some unlooked-for event; that which incidentally brings to pass an event, without being its efficient cause or sufficient reason; accidental or incidental cause.

Name Meaning of event

Meaning of Husul

Is Husul a female or a male name and what is the origin of Husul?

Husul is Boy/Male and origin is Arabic

Husul means: Happening; Event

Meaning of Aaghosh | ஆகோஷ

Is Aaghosh | ஆகோஷ a female or a male name and what is the origin of Aaghosh | ஆகோஷ?

Aaghosh | ஆகோஷ is Boy/Male and origin is Tamil

Aaghosh | ஆகோஷ means: Any cheerful event

Meaning of Aaghosh

Is Aaghosh a female or a male name and what is the origin of Aaghosh?

Aaghosh is Boy/Male and origin is Indian

Aaghosh means: Any cheerful event

Meaning of Vritant | வ்ரீதாஂத

Is Vritant | வ்ரீதாஂத a female or a male name and what is the origin of Vritant | வ்ரீதாஂத?

Vritant | வ்ரீதாஂத is Boy/Male and origin is Tamil

Vritant | வ்ரீதாஂத means: Description, Narration of An event

Meaning of Vritant

Is Vritant a female or a male name and what is the origin of Vritant?

Vritant is Boy/Male and origin is Hindu

Vritant means: Description, Narration of An event

Meaning of BALDR

Is BALDR a female or a male name and what is the origin of BALDR?

BALDR is Male and origin is Norse

BALDR means: Old Norse name derived from the word baldr, BALDR means "lord, prince." In mythology, this is the name of the second son of Odin and Frigg. He was a god of beauty, joy, purity and peace. His death was seen as the triggering event which brought about the destruction of all the gods at Ragnarok. He was ceremonially cremated upon his ship, Hringhorni, largest of all ships ever built.

Meaning of Windsor

Is Windsor a female or a male name and what is the origin of Windsor?

Windsor is Surname or Lastname and origin is English

Windsor means: English : habitational name from Windsor in Berkshire, Broadwindsor in Dorset, or Winsor in Devon and Hampshire, all named from an unattested Old English windels ‘windlass’ + Old English ōra ‘bank’.Windsor is the surname of the present British royal family, adopted in place of Wettin in 1917 as a response to anti-German feeling during the World War I. The original surname of Edward VII (and hence of George V up to 1917) was Wettin, his father, Prince Albert, being Prince Wettin of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The family took the name Windsor from the place in Berkshire, England, where Windsor Castle is a royal residence. There is unlikely to be any royal connection for American bearers, however: the name was an ordinary English habitational surname for centuries before this event.

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