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FYB means: Fuck Your Buddy

Fuck Your Buddy

WFW means: : We Fuck Whenever

: We Fuck Whenever

KFM means: Kill Fuck Marry

Kill Fuck Marry

NAF means: Non Athletic Fuck

Non Athletic Fuck

PTFA means: Pay the Fuck Attention

Pay the Fuck Attention

FOH means: Fuck Outta Here

Fuck Outta Here

FTN means: Fuck Ted Nugent

Fuck Ted Nugent

FUCK means: Fordham University College of Kinetics

Fordham University College of Kinetics

STFU means: Shut The Fuck Up

Shut The Fuck Up

FUCK means: For


What is the meaning/definition of the letters in fuck?

Meaning of fuck by its letters

fuck acronym or abbreviation means:

F: Meaning of F in fuck. Its shape is reminiscent of an E that appears to be disinterested, as the bottom horizontal rung is absent. The upper bar is to give priority dominance on the head and the higher consciousness. The horizontal branches appear in the vertical axis and lead to a significant aspect of the search for harmony and balance to bend.

U: Meaning of U in fuck. As a container that opens upwards, the U is leaving a big hole in the sky for thinking and intuition. It is full of material energy from its base to its top. Its base is round and therefore shows instability on its classification as a moving letter.

C: Meaning of C in fuck. You can see that its shape resembles and manifests a large open mouth. We might think also of a dish that captures the frequencies and they are in a rounder shape. Access is leaving by its round shape, which makes it easier. Unlike the letter B, it has a wide opening for communication.

K: Meaning of K in fuck. In this letter you can see two antennas directed skywards, and the second down to the earth below. They are at the central level of the vertical axis which is the emotional point of interconnectedness. The phrase is reminiscent of three lines. Capture energy from above using intuitions. The second brings the energies of the heart (pulse) together. The third receives the energies of the material world.

What does fuck mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation fuck. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the fuck acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of fuck

fuck has a life path of 5. fuck means: THE LIFE SPAN Journey 5 shows that you joined this airplane with an extremely intensifying frame of mind, with the attitude and skills to make the global world an improved place. The main element word for your daily life Path is freedom. Inside the pursuit of flexibility, you are versatile naturally, exciting, and advanced in your thinking. You are one particular people who's always trying to find answers to the countless questions that life poses. The byword for the positive Life Path 5 is frequent improvement and change. You intend to be totally unrestrained, as this is actually the quantity most from the successful use of flexibility often. You might be one of the very most compassionate of men and women as the 5 is surely the most freedom-loving and compassionate Life Course. Your love of flexibility extends to mankind most importantly, and matter for your fellow man, his independence and his welfare, may maintain your brain most important. An excellent Life Path 5 American President, Abraham Lincoln, issued the Emancipation Proclamation, and ended slavery in the us. As the best intensifying thinker type, your potential in administration, the statutory law, and other positions of expert is unlimited. You are a good communicator, and you understand how to inspire people around you. This can be your strongest & most valuable trait. Because of this skill, as well as your amazing wit, you are an all natural blessed salesman truly. This ability to market and motivate reaches any kind of physical product completely to whatever ideas or concepts you might embrace. You abhor boring and program work, and you aren't very proficient at staying with each day tasks that must definitely be finished promptly. On the common, the quantity 5 personality is happy-go-lucky somewhat; for today living, about tomorrow rather than having to worry too much. Additionally it is important so that you can find employment that delivers thought-provoking tasks rather than routine and redundant responsibilities. You are doing best coping with people, but the important thing is that you have the overall flexibility to express yourself at all times. You might have an innate ability to believe through complex matters and analyze them quickly, but be off to something new. A love of excitement may dominate your daily life. This might take the proper execution of physical or mental manifestation, however in either full circumstance, you excitement to the opportunity for exploration and blazing new tracks. Surely you participate in an organization considered the most worldly and journeyed. Clearly you aren't one to avoid a good venture. You have a great deal of the risk-taker in your makeup. If you aren't putting your cash on the line, you are surely available to a multitude of risks in your everyday life. Taking the conservative approach is merely not in your nature. In love, you hate to be linked down and constrained. This doesn't necessarily indicate that you will be unfaithful or promiscuous, but it can imply that a good spouse for you must understand your aspect. A relationship predicated on jealousy and having small reigns won't just work at all for you. Somebody who knows your have to be free and respected will see you reputable, although you may aren't constantly available and totally dutiful. It's important so that you can mix with folks of a like head, also to stay away from the ones that are too serious and requiring. If you're living on the negative part of the entire life Course 5, you are likely to be multitalented, but experiencing some insufficient route, and there is distress encircling your ambition. Restless, discontent, and impulsive, you might jump in one job to another without completing much in any way. A poor Life Path 5 may become very irresponsible in tasks and decisions regarding the home and business life. The total quest for sensation and adventure can bring about your becoming self-indulgent and totally unacquainted with the feelings of these around you.


More meanings / definitions of fuck or words, sentences containing fuck?

Meaning of RAF

RAF means: Acronym for 'ruff as fuck'. A way of insulting a nearby girl without her knowing, e.g. "You won't like her she's with the RAF"

Meaning of SNAFU

SNAFU means: Snafu is slang for an impossible situation, a mess of incompetence.Snafu (Situation Normal, All Fuck Up) is military slang for confusion or chaos regarded as the normalstate.

Meaning of fuckstick

fuckstick means: Expressions for penis. fuck someone's brains out: to fuck busily and for a long time. [I took him home and fucked his brains out.].

Meaning of go fuck yourself!

go fuck yourself! means: An exclamation of anger at someone, such as 'get lost!'

Meaning of get to fuck!

get to fuck! means: Exclam. An exclamation of dismissive defiance or annoyance.

Meaning of fark

fark means: Variation on pronunciation of 'fuck' usually used as an expression of disbelief or objection. "Oh faaarrrk..... my pen's broke!"

Meaning of i don't give a fuck

i don't give a fuck means: I don't care.

Meaning of rehctub

rehctub means: Word used by Australian Butchers which forms part of a vernacular system (which is used exclusively by Australian Butchers) that is known as 'rehctub'.(pronounced retch e tub) Quite simply 'rehctub' is the voicing of words backwards. (rehctub means butcher talk) It is used in general conversation whilst at work, and part of the perceived benefit is that customers will be unaware as to what is being said about them or the product which they are purchasing. Some common examples are as follows: tnuc - cunt; esra (pronounced ez ray) - arse; tsubs - bust(breats); gels - legs; ckuf (pronounced cuff) - fuck; toor - root; gaf - fag, as in a homosexual, lup - pull, as in to masturbate; ekoms - smoke, as in a cigarette. An example of few sentences may be: "Hey tnuc (cunt) did you teg (get) a toor (root) last night?", "Look at the esra (arse) on that dooger. (good, as in good looking) I'ld love to cuff (fuck) her!", "I'm just going out for an ekoms, (smoke) I might have a lup (pull) while I am at it.".

Meaning of frig

frig means: Though still considered a 'vulgar' word denoting the sexual act, it is nonetheless a slightly more polite way of saying "fuck"; e.g. "Go frig yourself!". Often used by 'ladies' to show how genteel they are!

Meaning of fook

fook means: Noun./Verb./Adj. Alternative spelling of 'fuck'. Also fooking, fooked. See 'fuck'.

Meaning of play hide the weenie

play hide the weenie means: To do the sex act fuck. play leap frog: anal intercourse, the penis or some other object, is inserted into the anus for intercourse.

Meaning of FINGER−FUCK

FINGER−FUCK means: Finger−fuck is slang for sexually stimulating with the fingers.

Meaning of explore the beads

explore the beads means: To find out the sexual likes of ones parter prefers, by fondling the parter body. If one wants to fuck, he will put a finger in his partner's ass; if no move is made it is likely that anal intercourse is welcome.

Meaning of Fanny Adams

Fanny Adams means: Noun. Nothing at all. Usually heard preceded by sweet. Also acts as a euphemism for 'fuck all'. E.g."What've you been up to Tim ?", "Sweet fanny adams since I lost my job." Cf. 'sweet F.A.'

Meaning of pluck

pluck means: To do the sex act fuck with or to someone.

Meaning of pitch

pitch means: To fuck one ass, to penetrate the anus in anal sex.

Meaning of Facacta

Facacta means: Fuck off

Meaning of wad (2)

wad (2) means: Entered verbatim: This word was very versatile. It could be used on its one to describe an idiot, fool or any other hated type of person. It was also commonly paired up with terms such as dick, dork, fuck and so on. To be a dick-wad, dork-wad or fuck wad was to be the lowest. Literally one was labeled a wad of dick (or whatever), in other words, a whole bunch of dick or extreme idiot. (ed: so now you know!)

Meaning of FUCK ABOUT

FUCK ABOUT means: Fuck about is slang for to play the fool, be irresponsible.

Meaning of Screw the Pooch

Screw the Pooch means: To make a mistake, or to be incompetantly idle. Derived from the derogatory term "Fuck the dog".

Name Meaning of fuck

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