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LFB means: Love from Below

Love from Below

FLOW means: For the Love of Worship

For the Love of Worship

LLL means: Long Lost Love

Long Lost Love

LYMI means: : Love You

: Love You

LIITA means: Love Is in the Air

Love Is in the Air

TL means: Tough Love

Tough Love

DRFL means: Dead Ringer for Love

Dead Ringer for Love

LNK means: Love and Kisses

Love and Kisses

WLFJ means: With Love from Jesus

With Love from Jesus

LIFE means: Love Involvement Fellowship and Evangelism

Love Involvement Fellowship and Evangelism

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in love?

Meaning of love by its letters

love acronym or abbreviation means:

L: Meaning of L in love. Hard on the ground, this letter is the basis of closely related ideas on the earth. Its vertical axis sends information of the Spirit (above). All work firmly anchored as a transceiver with the ground. This design shows physical stability of a quiet force that can win against all challenges.

O: Meaning of O in love. A simple circuit which has no opening, but that surrounds you and does not bring you to go back. He knows how things turn around. This beautiful rounding makes the sweetness and harmony. Has no beginning and no end. This letter is not square so it rolls wherever it wants. He loves the curves, comfort and stability. One could compare it with a magnifying glass to observe the stars and distant horizons.

V: Meaning of V in love. Similar to U, V captures energy from above (heaven, thoughts). This energy is the strongest vibration levels because of its two rigid antennas without rounding at the bottom. It stands on a tiny base to project strenght and energy, although its tiny bottom looks like it rests on vulnerable evergy making it unstable. It reduces the ground vibrations and provides power to the sky (thinking). This letter shows the way to victory with its psychic powers.

E: Meaning of E in love. There is no finesse or rounded corners. This letter provides several clear instructions and promotes change in all directions. The dominance of horizontal lines, the background color of the earth, the upper part is a synonym of thinking and the middle line is the physical body. The whole is supported by a straight line, which directs its energy on its three horizontal legs as a rake. These three antennas are used to support the receptors in the communication.

What does love mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation love. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the love acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of love

love has a life path of 9. love means: The Life Path 9 shows that you came into this with a good amount of dramatic feelings in conjunction with a solid sense of compassion and generosity. The main element to the type of any Life Journey #9 9 person is situated in their humanitarian frame of mind. Even the average of these with life path 9 own extremely compassionate tendencies. Usually this true number produces an individual that is very dependable and honorable, and one improbable to harbor any kind of prejudice. Obviously, this is a fairly extra tall order, nevertheless, you are, in truth, somebody who seems very for folks less lucky than yourself deeply, and when you are able to help, you will certainly. The 9, being the best of the single digit numbers, holds an increased position in conditions of duties to mankind. Materials increases aren't excessively important, although the grade of some life route 9 people is in a way that they can be materially compensated in very significant ways. On this, however, the 9 Life Way is not likely to get rich given that they are extremely large, to a fault sometimes, and have a fairly easy come usually, go frame of mind about money easy. The rare 9 life path has a completely selfless attitude, quitting of material possessions for the normal good. The 9 Life Course signifies you have a commanding occurrence. You be capable of easily socialize very, as people are drawn to your magnetic, wide open personality. The word "hail-fellow" might have been coined to spell it out a 9 Life Route, as you might indeed be one particular who's generally upbeat and heartily friendly and congenial. You meet people easily and are befriended because of your openness and amiable demeanor quickly. Your genial ways often put you in the lead in whatever field of endeavor you pursue. Human relationships can be problematic for you since it is hard to affect a balance that will continue to work effectively. If your lover is one writing your giving behaviour, the partnership will be happy and enduring. Alternatively, if somebody is chosen by you whose focus is on material issues, problems will quickly arise. You have a tendency to be quite hypersensitive, as you start to see the world with much sense. The quantity 9's very deep knowledge of life may also be manifested in the artistic and literary fields. If dilemma and performing is not your forte, it'll surely be a location of great interest and potential. Likewise, you may be in a position to express your deep emotional feelings through painting, writing, music, or other art forms. The goal of life for people that have a 9 life way is often of your philosophical mother nature. Judges, spiritual market leaders, healers and teachers have much 9 energy frequently. The real quantity is less likely to the competitive business environment and could find this challenging. As do all the life span journey quantities, the 9 has its negative aspect. Due to the requiring characteristics of the positive 9 truly, many have a tendency to are unsuccessful in this category. It isn't uncommon for people with the 9 life way to deal with the realities and troubles of purpose enforced here because selflessness is not a fairly easy trait. It's likely you have difficulty thinking that providing and too little personal ambition can be gratifying. It must be realized and accepted that little long-term satisfaction and happiness is usually to be gained by rejecting the natural humanitarian inclinations of the path.


More meanings / definitions of love or words, sentences containing love?

Agape (n.): The love feast of the primitive Christians, being a meal partaken of in connection with the communion.

Heart (n.): The seat of the affections or sensibilities, collectively or separately, as love, hate, joy, grief, courage, and the like; rarely, the seat of the understanding or will; -- usually in a good sense, when no epithet is expressed; the better or lovelier part of our nature; the spring of all our actions and purposes; the seat of moral life and character; the moral affections and character itself; the individual disposition and character; as, a good, tender, loving, bad, hard, or selfish heart.

Adore (v. t.): To love in the highest degree; to regard with the utmost esteem and affection; to idolize.

Piety (n.): Veneration or reverence of the Supreme Being, and love of his character; loving obedience to the will of God, and earnest devotion to his service.

Cestus (n.): A girdle; particularly that of Aphrodite (or Venus) which gave the wearer the power of exciting love.

Amorous (a.): Of or relating to, or produced by, love.

Relove (v. t.): To love in return.

Philosophy (n.): Literally, the love of, including the search after, wisdom; in actual usage, the knowledge of phenomena as explained by, and resolved into, causes and reasons, powers and laws.

Loyalty (n.): The state or quality of being loyal; fidelity to a superior, or to duty, love, etc.

Adorable (a.): Worthy of the utmost love or respect.

Hate (v.): Strong aversion coupled with desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is directed; as exercised toward things, intense dislike; hatred; detestation; -- opposed to love.

Illegal (a.): Not according to, or authorized by, law; specif., contrary to, or in violation of, human law; unlawful; illicit; hence, immoral; as, an illegal act; illegal trade; illegal love.

Love (n.): To have a feeling of love for; to regard with affection or good will; as, to love one's children and friends; to love one's country; to love one's God.

Amorous (a.): Affected with love; in love; enamored; -- usually with of; formerly with on.

Loving (a.): Expressing love or kindness; as, loving words.

Love (n.): Nothing; no points scored on one side; -- used in counting score at tennis, etc.

Mistress (n.): A woman regarded with love and devotion; she who has command over one's heart; a beloved object; a sweetheart.

Warmth (n.): A state of lively and excited interest; zeal; ardor; fervor; passion; enthusiasm; earnestness; as, the warmth of love or piety; he replied with much warmth.

Freya (n.): The daughter of Njord, and goddess of love and beauty; the Scandinavian Venus; -- in Teutonic myths confounded with Frigga, but in Scandinavian, distinct.

Alienate (v. t.): To withdraw, as the affections; to make indifferent of averse, where love or friendship before subsisted; to estrange; to wean; -- with from.

Lovable (a.): Having qualities that excite, or are fitted to excite, love; worthy of love.

Provoke (v. t.): To call forth; to call into being or action; esp., to incense to action, a faculty or passion, as love, hate, or ambition; hence, commonly, to incite, as a person, to action by a challenge, by taunts, or by defiance; to exasperate; to irritate; to offend intolerably; to cause to retaliate.

Rapt (a.): Transported with love, admiration, delight, etc.; enraptured.

True (n.): Actual; not counterfeit, adulterated, or pretended; genuine; pure; real; as, true balsam; true love of country; a true Christian.

Love (n.): Affection; kind feeling; friendship; strong liking or desire; fondness; good will; -- opposed to hate; often with of and an object.

Lovelorn (a.): Forsaken by one's love.

Psilology (n.): Love of empty of empty talk or noise.

Incentive (n.): That which moves or influences the mind, or operates on the passions; that which incites, or has a tendency to incite, to determination or action; that which prompts to good or ill; motive; spur; as, the love of money, and the desire of promotion, are two powerful incentives to action.

Zoophily (n.): Love of animals.

Kindle (v. t.): Fig.: To inflame, as the passions; to rouse; to provoke; to excite to action; to heat; to fire; to animate; to incite; as, to kindle anger or wrath; to kindle the flame of love, or love into a flame.

Meaning of Rex Mossop

Rex Mossop means: Gossip. What's the latest Rex, love? Rex is an Aussie sports commentator

Meaning of go overboard

go overboard means: To fall in love, or be helpless admiration.

Meaning of love bite

love bite means: Small red bruise on the skin surface (usually neck area) caused by 'sucking' on the surface, i.e. creating a vacuum, that breaks some blood vessels creating the distinctive markings. The name is due in part to a person showing a level of affection by allowing it to be done as it can be a painful process, and in part due to a belief that the bites are a normal part of lovemaking. Girls who have them are viewed by guys with interest in case they spontaneously become tarts! Boys that have them are often sad case losers who have created them themselves by pinching and manipulating the skin (e.g. by sucking on their own necks with the houshold vaccum cleaner!) to give the impression they have a girlfriend.

Meaning of Camille

Camille means: Homosexual who goes from one tragic love episode to another.

Meaning of Masturbation Slang for Women

Masturbation Slang for Women means: Beating around the bush Drilling for oil Feeding the bearded clam Flit your clit Having sex with someone you love Jill'in off Making soup Muffin buff'in Petting the pussy cat Teasing the kitty Tickling the taco Tiptoe through the Twolips Tossing pink salad Two finger taco tango

Meaning of love length

love length means: Noun. The penis.

Meaning of hawk

hawk means: A person that prefers a love partner much young than himself; one that attracts and procures young men and boys.

Meaning of LOVE PILLS

LOVE PILLS means: hallucinogen

Meaning of Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer means: Farmer (see usage). e's a right Arnold. I love this one - it refers to a golfer who spends a lot of time in the long grass around a course

Meaning of fatherfucker

fatherfucker means: A relationship where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself. Synonyms: cherry top; intergenerational relationships.

Meaning of fall for

fall for means: Fall in love with. The moment Moine saw Phillippe she fell for him like a ton of bricks.

Meaning of LUMUMI

LUMUMI means: Love You Miss You Mean It


BTWITIAILWU means: By The Way I Think I Am In Love With You

Meaning of LY4E

LY4E means: Love You Forever

Meaning of carry the torch

carry the torch means: To be in love with someone that does not reciprocate.

Meaning of NBLFY

NBLFY means: Nothing But Love For You

Meaning of Bilge Rat

Bilge Rat means: – The bilge is the lowest level of the ship. It’s loaded with ballast and slimy, reeking water. A bilge rat, then, is a rat that lives in the worst place on the ship. Pirates, just like their modernday counterparts (regular guys), love to joke and jibe with their buddies. By all means, Pirates will call their buddies “bilge rats.”

Meaning of “What’s your max, bro?”:

“What’s your max, bro?”: means: Oh, how we love the bro talk. Don’t recall those personal bests? Pick your favorite number and tack on at least one zero to the end of it.

Meaning of love pill

love pill means: Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

Meaning of daddy/boy relationship

daddy/boy relationship means: Intergenerational relationships, a relationship where one person prefers a love partner much older than himself or herself, and the other person prefers a love partner much younger. For more infor: Male Intergenerational Intimacy (1991) edited by Theo Sandfort, Ph.D.; Edward Brogersma, JD; and Alex van Naerssen, Ph.D.

Meaning of Knit

Knit means: To unite closely; to connect; to engage; as, hearts knit together in love.

Meaning of Lovemonger

Lovemonger means: One who deals in affairs of love.

Meaning of Love

Love means: To have a feeling of love for; to regard with affection or good will; as, to love one's children and friends; to love one's country; to love one's God.

Meaning of Inhabitativeness

Inhabitativeness means: A tendency or propensity to permanent residence in a place or abode; love of home and country.

Meaning of Dearness

Dearness means: Fondness; preciousness; love; tenderness.

Meaning of Unlove

Unlove means: To cease to love; to hate.

Meaning of Organic

Organic means: Forming a whole composed of organs. Hence: Of or pertaining to a system of organs; inherent in, or resulting from, a certain organization; as, an organic government; his love of truth was not inculcated, but organic.

Meaning of True

True means: Actual; not counterfeit, adulterated, or pretended; genuine; pure; real; as, true balsam; true love of country; a true Christian.

Meaning of Heart-whole

Heart-whole means: Having the heart or affections free; not in love.

Meaning of Woo

Woo means: To solicit in love; to court.

Meaning of Free-love

Free-love means: The doctrine or practice of consorting with the opposite sex, at pleasure, without marriage.

Meaning of Venus

Venus means: The goddess of beauty and love, that is, beauty or love deified.

Meaning of Rival

Rival means: To stand in competition with; to strive to gain some object in opposition to; as, to rival one in love.

Meaning of Jilt

Jilt means: To play the jilt; to practice deception in love; to discard lovers capriciously.

Meaning of Love

Love means: Nothing; no points scored on one side; -- used in counting score at tennis, etc.

Name Meaning of love

Meaning of Sarprit

Is Sarprit a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sarprit?

Sarprit is Boy/Male and origin is Indian

Sarprit means: Favour or fortune of gods Love, Reservoir of Love, Mysterious secrets of Love, Essence of Love

Meaning of Sarpreet

Is Sarpreet a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sarpreet?

Sarpreet is Boy/Male and origin is Sikh

Sarpreet means: Favour or fortune of gods Love, Reservoir of Love, Mysterious secrets of Love, Essence of Love

Meaning of Sarprit

Is Sarprit a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sarprit?

Sarprit is Boy/Male and origin is Sikh

Sarprit means: Favour or fortune of gods Love, Reservoir of Love, Mysterious secrets of Love, Essence of Love (1)

Meaning of LOVE

Is LOVE a female or a male name and what is the origin of LOVE?

LOVE is Female and origin is English

LOVE means: English name derived from the vocabulary word, from Old English lufu, LOVE means "affection, friendliness, love." Compare with masculine Love.

Meaning of LOVE

Is LOVE a female or a male name and what is the origin of LOVE?

LOVE is Male and origin is Swedish

LOVE means: Swedish name derived from Middle Latin Ludovicus, LOVE means "famous warrior." Compare with feminine Love.

Meaning of Sarpreet

Is Sarpreet a female or a male name and what is the origin of Sarpreet?

Sarpreet is Girl/Female and origin is Indian, Punjabi, Sikh

Sarpreet means: Favour or Fortune of God's Love; Reservoir of Love; Mysterious Secrets of Love

Meaning of Filomena

Is Filomena a female or a male name and what is the origin of Filomena?

Filomena is Girl/Female and origin is American, Australian, French, German, Greek, Latin, Polish, Portuguese

Filomena means: Who Remains Affectionate; Faithful to Love and Friendship; Lover of Man; Beloved; Loved One; Friend of Strength; To Love Strength; Darling; Similar to Philomena; Love Strong

Meaning of Mamta

Is Mamta a female or a male name and what is the origin of Mamta?

Mamta is Girl/Female and origin is Celebrity, Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Sikh, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Traditional

Mamta means: Mother's Love; Love; Motherly Love

Meaning of EROS

Is EROS a female or a male name and what is the origin of EROS?

EROS is Male and origin is Greek

EROS means: (Έρως) Greek name derived from the word eros, EROS means "love; sexual desire." In mythology, this is the name of the god of love, lust and sex, worshiped as a fertility god. His Roman equivalent is Cupid "desire," and he is also known by the Latin name Amor "love."

Meaning of Pranay

Is Pranay a female or a male name and what is the origin of Pranay?

Pranay is Boy/Male and origin is Gujarati, Hindu, Indian, Jain, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Sanskrit, Sindhi, Telugu

Pranay means: Innocent Love; Romance; Love; Marriage; Affection; Friendship

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