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CITV means: : Childrens Instructional TeleVision

: Childrens Instructional TeleVision

STAR means: Student Television Affecting Reality

Student Television Affecting Reality

NTDTV means: New Tang Dynasty Television

New Tang Dynasty Television

NTCA means: National Television Cable Association

National Television Cable Association

JTV means: Jordan Television

Jordan Television

MTN means: Montana Television Network

Montana Television Network

ATAS means: : Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences

: Academy Of Television Arts And Sciences

IMDTC means: International Multiple Destination Television Connection

International Multiple Destination Television Connection

STI means: Serves the Television Industry

Serves the Television Industry

TVERS means: Television Evaluation and Renewal Standards

Television Evaluation and Renewal Standards

What is the meaning/definition of the letters in television?

Meaning of television by its letters

television acronym or abbreviation means:

T: Meaning of T in television. The letter looks like a pole with a horizontal bar restiing on its top. It looks like a TV antenna ready to receive and transmit a high and wide information. It sends that information along its vertical axis from the earth for global transmission at the top. He seems to know everything on the universal principles that the past and the future hold. It contributes to internal transformations.

E: Meaning of E in television. There is no finesse or rounded corners. This letter provides several clear instructions and promotes change in all directions. The dominance of horizontal lines, the background color of the earth, the upper part is a synonym of thinking and the middle line is the physical body. The whole is supported by a straight line, which directs its energy on its three horizontal legs as a rake. These three antennas are used to support the receptors in the communication.

L: Meaning of L in television. Hard on the ground, this letter is the basis of closely related ideas on the earth. Its vertical axis sends information of the Spirit (above). All work firmly anchored as a transceiver with the ground. This design shows physical stability of a quiet force that can win against all challenges.

V: Meaning of V in television. Similar to U, V captures energy from above (heaven, thoughts). This energy is the strongest vibration levels because of its two rigid antennas without rounding at the bottom. It stands on a tiny base to project strenght and energy, although its tiny bottom looks like it rests on vulnerable evergy making it unstable. It reduces the ground vibrations and provides power to the sky (thinking). This letter shows the way to victory with its psychic powers.

I: Meaning of I in television. Single vertical line served as number 1 on the top left two poles above (heaven and earth) with a high internal pressure. The current is very direct and passes open without hesitation. It's to keep you alert and ready to act from his first note.

S: Meaning of S in television. It reminds us of a snake ready to attack its prey. This two inverse curves create a feeling of sudden surprise to project forward or backwards. Its structure also radiates a kind of lonely superiority, sends the energy on each side. It is open-minded and thinking as it looks forward and backward.

O: Meaning of O in television. A simple circuit which has no opening, but that surrounds you and does not bring you to go back. He knows how things turn around. This beautiful rounding makes the sweetness and harmony. Has no beginning and no end. This letter is not square so it rolls wherever it wants. He loves the curves, comfort and stability. One could compare it with a magnifying glass to observe the stars and distant horizons.

N: Meaning of N in television. Roundness not only show lines broken with very narrow angle to multiple directions. We move quickly from the spiritual to the physical from the central bar, which starts from the top down. We can then think of a sudden dynamic and tense situation to the uncontrollable mood. She exudes a kind of obviously false peace.

What does television mean or stand for ?

This page explains the astronumerology analysis of the abbreviation television. Below, you also find the detailed meaning of each letter in the television acronym.

Astrological Analysis and meaning of television

television has a life path of 4. television means: The entire life Journey 4 shows that you inserted this planes with an all natural genius for planning, mending, building, and in some way, with request and cerebral brilliance, making things work. You are one of the very most trustworthy, useful, and down-to-earth of people; the cornerstone customers of population. Indeed, as a complete life Journey 4, you are a contractor of society. The cream of the crop in this full life Way can be considered a get good at contractor in modern culture. if you are among these talented people highly, you provide an idealistic nature which is grounded in practical terms, letting you conceive grandiose, far-reaching schemes and carry them to the end. In the event that you desire and are prepared to work for this, you can perform enormous success, prestige, and fame. Naturally, everyone with a 4 Life Way will not become famous. All with this Life Avenue be capable of take orders also to hold them out with devotion and determination and many 4s live and work gladly in this framework. But frequently, the 4 Life Journey is the businessperson and director locally. In either role, you demand just as much from yourself as you do from others always, and far more sometimes. You have the sort of will power that is often mistaken for sheer stubbornness. You do not think of yourself as dogged, however your honest beliefs and this ever direct speech enables you to run into as completely unremitting. Once a decision is manufactured, it will be adopted to the realization, right, incorrect, or indifferent. You are incredibly occur your ways and identified to take care of things how you are so sure that they must be handled. Your tenacity of goal and capacity to complete the job edges on obsession. You are a wonderful manager with a great sense of getting the working job done. You are a fantastic organizer and planner because of your innate potential to see things in an exceedingly good sense and functional way. This is due to a strong need to be a perfectionist in your labor. Planning is essential to avoid problems. It is rather likely a 4 Life Course person developed the to-do list, since it is the uncommon Life Journey 4 who does not have one by her aspect all the time. Your daily life is programed within an orderly fashion permitting you to definitely catalog and take care of the stream of ideas and activities that fill up your entire day. Indeed, you seem to be to operate best if you are under the firearm and facing a hardcore group of problems. Devoted and loyal, you make the best of your matrimony, and you will be the good supplier always. Friends might be few in number, but you are incredibly near them as soon as friendships are created, they often times last an eternity. The quantity 4 is solidly from the component of globe that it profits its durability and utter sense of certainty. You are one of the very most reliable people you understand. If persistence and persistence can ever before gain, you're sure to attain great success in life. Often, you are called to manage others; to complete what they have began. It might not exactly appear reasonable and probably isn't, but it could be the key to your reputation and accomplishment. The negative part of the 4 can show dogmatic to a surplus, narrow-minded, and repressive. A whole lot of skin-deep people flip you off, and you do not have the tact to keep your thoughts from being totally clear to all or any around. Also, the negative 4 has an undesirable propensity to get swept up in the day to day routine of affairs, absent the picture as a whole and major opportunities which come along occasionally.


More meanings / definitions of television or words, sentences containing television?

Meaning of phut

phut means: adj pron. “fuht” gone- Something which has breathed its last, expired. It is an ex-something: We ended up stuck watching BBC2 because the television remote control had gone phut.

Meaning of deacon

deacon means: An excessively stupid or unpleasant person. From Joey Deacom, and elderly man suffering from cerebral palsy regularly featured on television 1980-85.


REALITY PROGRAMMING means: Reality programming is American slang for television shows that feature real people in real situations.

Meaning of man-of-atlantis

man-of-atlantis means: Useless swimming stroke based on Patrick Duffy in the television series.

Meaning of veejay | VJ

veejay | VJ means: a presenter of music videos, usually on television

Meaning of NED KELLY

NED KELLY means: Ned Kelly is Australian rhyming slang for belly.Ned Kelly is London Cockney rhyming slang for television (telly).

Meaning of eejit

eejit means: n idiot. Intended to be somewhat mocking of an Irish person pronouncing the same word, this made its way into the language in its own right after being popularised by the television programme Father Ted.

Meaning of beamed up

beamed up means: [from "Beam me up, Scotty," an expression used in the television series Star Trek ; Scotty is also a term for crack cocaine; on a mission means looking for crack] intoxicated by crack

Meaning of GOGGLEBOX

GOGGLEBOX means: Gogglebox is British slang for a television set.

Meaning of Air-check

Air-check means: A recording of a radio or television performance.Did you hear the "air-check" of Billie Holiday with Gerry Mulligan?

Meaning of Gone a million

Gone a million means: Exposed, dilemma, caught. e.g. "Did you hear old Tom was found with some stolen television sets? No I didn't, but I'm sure he's gone a million"

Meaning of HUEY SLICK

HUEY SLICK means: UH-1. The Bell UH-1 helicopter is one of aviation's true success stories. Thousands of the aircraft have been made in a number of variations, serving a multitude of roles. Called the "Iroquois" by the United States Army, the aircraft is much better know by its nickname of "Huey," derived from its initial designation of HU-1. In its multitude of roles in Vietnam, the Huey became a familiar sight on the television screens of America. Hardly a night passed without the evening news showing Hueys in dustoff, slick or other missions.


LIZA MINNELLI means: Liza Minnelli is London Cockney rhyming slang for television (telly).

Meaning of twilight zone

twilight zone means: Noun. The term phrased in recognition of a bizarre occurrence. Taken from the title of the U.S. television mystery sci-fi series of the same name. Often used in conjunction with a vocal rendition of the theme tune, to add emphasis.

Meaning of rabbit ears

rabbit ears means: Indoor television antennae. He can't get diddledy on his TV with those rabbit ears.

Meaning of idiot box

idiot box means: TV set, a television. Turn on the idiot box and let's catch the weather.

Meaning of couch potato

couch potato means: someone who watches too much television

Meaning of bush telly

bush telly means: campfire; huddled around the campfire telling stories as you would congregate around the television back home.

Meaning of trumpton

trumpton means: Noun. The fire brigade. After the children's UK television programme of the same name, circa 1960s. [Police use]

Meaning of Ten Bob

Ten Bob means: Television

Name Meaning of television

Meaning of Caroll

Is Caroll a female or a male name and what is the origin of Caroll?

Caroll is Boy/Male and origin is English

Caroll means: Man. Famous Bearer: late television actor Carroll O'Connor.

Meaning of Caryl

Is Caryl a female or a male name and what is the origin of Caryl?

Caryl is Boy/Male and origin is English

Caryl means: Man. Famous Bearer: late television actor Carroll O'Connor.

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